100% SKAL - EKO certified
  100% vegetable - with active hops!
  Easy to use and made for the serious hobbyist
  Growing EKO
  Grow your own "EKO" crops
CANNA proudly presents the revolutionary and newly developed organic product line: "BIOCANNA". BIOCANNA products are 100% natural and meet all the requirements for organic farming. This means they are legally checked and guaranteed ORGANIC!

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2004-10-22 » BIOCANNA.com - online in 6 languages

2004-08-18 » Only a limited supply of BioBOOST is available at this moment due to its overwhelming success. Production capacity is being expanded AT THIS MOMENT!

2004-08-15 » BIOCANNA can now be delivered to Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Spain and Portugal.

2004-08-03 » BIOCANNA is available to you! The day has arrived that you can truly grow organic.

2004-08-01 » BIOCANNA products can be delivered to the shops in the Netherlands!

2004-05-19 » The complete SKAL International certification is in place. It is now possible to grow ecologically using BIOCANNA products.

2004-01-31 » The BIOCANNA line will be proudly presented at the seventh Highlife fair.

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